Man pays prostitute with bad check, and now they both face charges, Nebraska cops say

A man is accused of paying a prostitute with a check that bounced when she tried to cash it, Nebraska police say.

That led to the arrest of them both and a third person, cops say.

The Norfolk man met the woman over an online dating app in late January, according to a news release. They chatted through the day, and the man asked for “a sexual encounter,” which the woman agreed to for a price, police said.

The man took the woman to his home for sex, and afterward he paid her with a personal check, police said.

However, when she tried to cash the check, his bank account didn’t have enough money, according to the release.

The woman asked two men for help retrieving money after the man’s account continued to be short of funds for several days, police said.

All three went to the man’s house to get the money. One of the men threatened the man’s life and demanded double the payment, police said.

When they left, the man called the police to report the incident.

Hans Berg, 23, was charged with terroristic threats and theft by extortion, police said.

The man and woman were cited on prostitution-related charges, records show.